Why Does ‘Direct’ Matter?

Almost all other hosted telephony providers are actually resellers of someone else’s service – based on a third party technology platform that’s been designed specifically for a reseller model.

What does this mean for my business?

This means multiple organisations are involved, leading to a slow and cumbersome business model. It becomes almost impossible to adapt the system to your specific needs, or to rapidly and effectively resolve service issues that could hamper your business – as you’re not dealing directly with the technical specialists who developed and own the system.

Teliqo changes all that. Our direct hosted telephony service means that there are no third party platform providers and no middle men. No layers of commission and complication. Just us – and you. And total control. So you can have exactly the right communication service for your business. Quickly, simply, and without any drama.

Who Can We Help?

This is the point where most telecoms providers will ask you to tell them how big your business is, how many extensions you need, or what industry you work in – so they can demonstrate how their solutions are designed to suit your business profile. And by now, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that we don’t even need to ask. If you have a business, we have the solution.

Teliqo Direct is perfect for organisations with one site or multiple sites, even if those offices are in other countries. It’s also ideal if you have 15 staff or 500, or planning for even more! It doesn’t matter if your staff work in the office, or from home, or move between sites – our solution fits the bill. They can even be travelling around the world, sitting in airports, staying in hotels or working from client site. Teliqo Direct still does what they need, in the way they need it to.

What’s Included?

Just about every telephony function you can think of. In one simple monthly fee per user – with no capital outlay, no additional connectivity charges, and no hardware or software cost. Everything from voicemail to call management, conferencing to contact centre functionality, and far more. In fact our full feature suite is all covered in one low monthly payment – giving you the ability to take advantage of new functionality as and when your business needs it.

Having said that, it’s fair to say that there are hosted solutions out there which appear to offer cheaper per user per month rates – but they rarely include everything. Handsets and data connectivity usually cost more, as do features like voicemail, call recording and conferencing. So by the time you add it all up – we’ve never found a situation where we didn’t offer a better monthly rate.

We’re also happy to go head-to-head with on-premise solutions as well. Here you’re looking at an up-front cost, or a lease or finance arrangement. Then on top you have to add ISDN lines or SIP trunks, a maintenance contract and potentially high call costs – plus other potential but unknown costs going forward. All of which stacks up to quite a considerable bill, when compared to a simple monthly fee for Teliqo Direct.