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Teliqo is a unique direct hosted telecoms provider. We offer a highly adaptable and infinitely customisable telephony service, based on our own in-house developed technology and delivered directly to our customers.


Teliqo was established in 2010 by serial entrepreneur Simon Hochhauser, who is best known as the man behind the pioneering broadband, video-on-demand and interactive television service, HomeChoice – which was sold to the Tiscali Group in 2006 and later became TalkTalk TV.

The vision was for a truly unique hosted telephony business which offered a service based on its own in-house developed technology. A provider that was not a reseller of someone else’s technology, and did not itself rely on a third party to sell and support its system.

In 2019, Teliqo stands alone in the industry. A direct service that provides every telephony function you can think of, and probably a few you can’t, in one simple monthly fee per user – with no capital outlay, no additional connectivity charges, and no hardware or software costs. And all available from one accommodating and friendly provider, giving customers a single point of accountability for everything.

Teliqo’s latest innovation is PiPcall, the virtual mobile phone system designed for business teams. It sets a new standard for cost-effective and scalable mobile communications technology. Learn more here.

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We are ready to find the right solution for your business. Our friendly team have over 25 years of combined industry experience. You can either request a quote or request a free review of your telecoms.

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Teliqo have always gone the extra mile to help us with all our telecom needsI love how they take the necessary time to understand our specific requirements and ensure the comms system is configured just how we need it. We are now in our 5th year with Teliqo and their team is always responsive and helpful whenever we need any assistance.

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Thousands of SME business users throughout the UK today


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Over 95% customer satisfaction and long term renewal


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You get an instant response to any changes or support requests – delivered by our UK team.

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All set up, configuration and system changes are performed by our own engineers – experts in our systems.

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All services – hundreds of features and UK call bundles – in one simple cost effective monthly charge.