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Hosted telephony - from us to you

Teliqo is a unique Direct Hosted Telecoms provider. We offer a highly adaptable and infinitely customisable telephony service, based on our own in-house developed technology and delivered directly to our customers.

We're currently updating our website, but hopefully the information contained here will give you an overview of what we can offer, and why we truly are different.



Why does 'direct' matter?

Almost all other hosted telephony providers are actually resellers of someone
else's service - based on a third party technology platform that's been designed
specifically for a reseller model.

This means multiple organisations are involved, leading to a slow and cumbersome
business model. It becomes almost impossible to adapt the system to your specific
needs, or to rapidly and effectively resolve service issues that could hamper your
business - as you're not dealing directly with the technical specialists who developed
and own the system.

Teliqo changes all that. Our Direct Hosted Telephony service means that there are no
third party platform providers and no middle men. No layers of commission and
complication. Just us - and you. And total control. So you can have exactly the right
communication service for your business.

Quickly, simply, and without any drama.

Spreckley Partners

“Teliqo Direct has transformed the way we are working.
From call recording to voicemail, from itemised billing to improved conference call
facilities, the new system works around our business and not the other way round.
When we finally took the decision, Teliqo was there to guide us through at every stage.”

Richard Merrin - Managing Director


blankWho can we help?

Single office, multi-site, expanding, international,
home workers, travelling staff . . . you name it,
we have the solution.

Teliqo Direct is perfect for organisations with one site or
multiple sites, even if those offices are in other countries. It's
also ideal if you have 15 staff or 500, or planning for even more!



It doesn't matter if your staff work in the office, or from home, or move between sites - our solution fits the bill. They can even be travelling around the world, sitting in airports, staying in hotels or working from client site. Teliqo Direct still does what they need, in the way they need it to.

  blankService at a glance  
  • Completely customisable and adaptable, we can tailor-make your individual service
  • No up-front cost and low monthly fee per user
  • Includes voice prioritised internet connection, handsets and softphone client for PC, Mac and mobile
  • Fully integrated solution across all devices, with unified voicemail
  • UK-based 24/7 support desk
  • Built upon our own in-house developed platform, with over £3.5m investment to date
  • Scalable from as little as 15 to over 1,000 extensions
  • Open source technology foundation with industry-leading open standards hardware
  • Calls charged at near wholesale cost, and always in line with market rates

All of these elements are covered in one low monthly payment, as is our full feature suite - giving you the ability to take advantage of new functionality as and when your business needs it. And all available from one accommodating and friendly provider, giving you a single point of accountability for everything.



Mantle Business Centres

“We’re able to provide our clients with the communications technology and
facilities of much larger businesses, so they can project a professional image to
customers and partners. Teliqo Direct provides them with complete freedom and
control that the old system just couldn’t deliver."

Luke Bolt - Managing Director, Mantle

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Address: Highgate Studios, 53-79 Highgate Road,
London, NW5 1TL - View on Google Maps
blankTeliqo is the trading name of Assuract Ltd. a company
registered in England & Wales. Registration number: 4994562.
Registered Office: 131 Edgware Road, London W2 2AP.
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